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Professional Qualifications

I've been very passionate about discovering human mechanics for the last 10

years. I help people to find their Own self-healing potential with the holistic approach based on detoxification and cellular regeneration and helping with emotional energy healing. My protocols include Fast, Diet, Herbs and Body therapy. Become your Alchemist, discover your universe. Learn the art of detox by introducing yourself to various detox protocols and variations to suit your own needs and issues. I'll help you to discover the layers of your own identity and the blockages, to a bigger and healthier you. This process will allow you to understand, who you truly are, not just the being that you see .This will encompass your body systems, psychosomatics, energy field, lifestyle blocks and effects of beliefs.

Biofeedback Practitioner 

Detox specialist 


Advanced diploma of Naturopathy - AIHM , Perth , Australia 

Advanced diploma of Herbal Medicine - AIHM , Perth , Australia  

Advanced Diploma of Nutrition - AIHM , Perth , Australia 



Professional Association Memberships :


Australian Natural Therapist Association ANTA 

Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists ANRANT  

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